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    NBO Promo Codes Offered 

    “VISION50” Promo Code 

    • Promo code scholarship for 100 students that register and fully pay.
    • Any student can receive it and it can be combined with other scholarships.
    • $50 promo code scholarship 

    “PARTNER50” Promo Code

    • Promo code scholarship for students coming with partner organizations and churches.
    • The intent is to promote students with partner organizations coming to the conference.  We realize that in locations where Bridges partners locally with other organizations that are invited to Vision, there may be overlap.  Our intent is to be open-handed but Bridges staff and student leaders should not promote the use of the promo code among students primarily connected to Bridges.  
    • It can be combined with other scholarships.
    • $50 promo code scholarship

    Promo Code Explanation

    Promo codes are meant to promote registration for a designated amount of time, a designated number of students (ex: “The next 15 students to register get $100 off” or “anyone here who registers before this party is over gets $50 off”) or both. It can also be used if you plan on giving a group of your students the same scholarship amount. If this scholarship is based on need and different amounts for everyone, then the scholarship system is better suited for your needs. Please also note that Promo Codes only work for students who have not yet registered as the promo code field is only available immediately after completing their registration (even if they have not paid yet).

    If you think a promo code is best for what you or your team is wanting to do, then please fill out THIS FORM

    **IMPORTANT NOTE: The team or individual sponsoring the scholarship is responsible for keeping track of who has used the promo code and communicating to students who can and cannot use it. We do not recommend publishing your promo code on a flyer or posting it on social media unless your scholarship is open to international students from all over the USA.**

    Promo Codes at this time can only be applied for by Cru staff. Those that are with a partnering ministry should not apply for a promo code as the system only works within Cru. 

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    Individual Scholarships

    Students that are wanting an individual scholarship can request one in the registration. On the payment page there is an option for a scholarship and to request one from a staff member. The student will put in a staff member’s name and the staff person is alerted. The staff then puts in the amount and account information for the scholarship. The student then finishes up the balance of the registration if there is one. Please have a conversation with your student beforehand on what you can scholarship them to help the process go smoothly. Note that if a staff member’s name is not on the Cru giving page because of the sensitivity of their location this process will not work.


    Here is a video of the process and how it works: Individual Scholarships and Promo Codes Process  


    Non-Cru staff wanting to scholarship an individual should reach out to the Vision Registrar about this at


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    NBO Flight Scholarship Plan

    • 125 Total Scholarships.  
    • Available to students studying in: Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Alaska, and Hawaii.
    • Max amount of a single scholarship: $400. Flights should be “economy” fares.
    • Reserve flight scholarships
    NBO Flight Scholarship Guidelines: 

    The NBO is providing flight scholarships. Details are below:

    1. Flight scholarships are only available for students from campuses in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Alaska, and Hawaii.
    2. The maximum value per scholarship is $400.  For flights purchased by Nov. 21, 2/3 of the cost up to $400 will be scholarshipped.  For flights purchased after Nov. 21, ½ of the cost up to $400 will be scholarshipped. Flights must be fully purchased by the deadlines in order to receive the scholarships. No estimates will be allowed.  
    3. Scholarships should go only to Christians or genuine seekers. Local staff make the decision about who exactly gets scholarships. We don’t want to use donors’ money to fund vacationers. No children should be given flight scholarships.
    4. A scholarship is reserved for a student by staff, only once their information is entered in the Google form: Flight Scholarship Reservation Form
    5. A scholarship is confirmed for a student, when the staff upload the receipts for flights in the Flight Scholarship Reservation Form and have received confirmation from our flight scholarship coordinator.
    6. They will be reimbursed by cash or check at the conference. Students need to bring a printed copy of their flight itinerary as documentation.
    7. Any adjustments to Fight Scholarships amounts that have already been approved must be submitted by the staff that applied for the scholarships. The final approval of any adjustments will be made by the Operations Director.

    Questions about flight scholarships?

    Contact Ashley Dortch:


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    Ground Transportation Scholarship Plan

    • The following scholarships are only available to those attending Vision.
    • Scholarships are to be shared with any students coming to the conference including those from other ministries and churches.
    • Please submit all scholarship requests through the forms that are linked in the document. This helps us gather the information we need and keeps your requests from getting lost in email.

    Base scholarship is $4000

    • 2500+ miles (round trip) is $4500
    • 3000+ miles (round trip) is $5000

    Two options for local bus contracting:

    1. Participate in the national bus contract handled by Andy May (  
    2. Contract with a vendor with whom there’s an existing relationship under Andy’s supervision.

    All contracts follow these criteria:

    1. Break-even number of riders is 80-90% of bus capacity.
    2. 200 touring miles built into contract as a condition for receiving the scholarship.
    3. Bus company or bus captain is responsible for the driver’s room off-property.
    4. All bus payments must be received through the National Bus Sign-Up system in the Event Registration Tool.
    5. All contracts regardless of which way you go must go through Andy May for approval.

    Other policies:

    • The scholarship will not be more than 50% of the total cost of the bus.  This would probably only affect buses coming less than 500 miles.
    • Buses from campuses or regions that haven’t done a bus before will be contracted with a late cancellation date.  This reduces the financial risk of trying a new bus.
    • Finances for all buses, regardless of the contracting method, will run through the central conference bus chartfield. CAMPS/NBO/VISIONEAST/CEUSER8
    • In the case of a surplus on a bus, NBO will receive 50% of the first $1000 in surplus ($500 or less to NBO scholarship account).  The other 50% of the surplus and all surplus beyond $1000 should be shared among the campuses participating in the bus and must be held in a scholarship fund to benefit students.  
    • In the case of loss on a bus, NBO will pay 50% of the first $1000 ($500 or less from NBO). The other 50% of the loss and all losses beyond $1000 is to be covered by the campuses participating in the bus.
    • Money given by the NBO is attached to a specific bus and must be spent on that bus.
    • Please consider raising additional funds locally to further reduce the cost of transportation for your students.  Transportation to Vision is a tangible and motivating ask cause for donors!  Talk to Nader Wadie for tips on how to ask locally.
    • Reserve a bus scholarship
    • $300 per van
    • No more than 2 vans per campus/city (for more people please consider taking a bus)
    • Reserve a bus scholarship
    • Any van that is on a bus route will not be given a scholarship (this is done to help fill the bus which the NBO is already funding)

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