New Dates

The dates for the conference will be January 1st – January 3rd. 

The reason for the change is that weekend dates will enable as many students to join from around the world and across different time zones.

Help Needed

Since Vision Conference will be online this year, we as the Vision Conference Directors will be trying our best to continue the tradition of keeping Vision a place where every attendee has the opportunity to take a next step toward Jesus.

In order to make the conference as engaging as possible, we need your help! Leading up to the conference we will host some events to test out certain ideas before the main conference.

To start, we would like at least 8 teams to invite students to 2 upcoming events that will help us test which audience (Curious Seekers / Growing Believers) will be best for us to design the conference around. Events and speakers are pre-set and digital promo materials will be provided. This could be a great way to continue to connect with these audiences you’re already engaging with. Get more details and fill out the form here if you are interested!





When are the registration deadlines and the corresponding prices?

Online registration for the virtual conference will happen later than for an in person conference as students will be deciding their whereabouts more last minute, and that’s okay. We are taking this into consideration.   

Registration is not available yet, but hopefully will be soon. We will let you know as soon as it’s live!

The fee for this conference will be $50, not dependent on registration dates.


How do we market Vision to students we’re meeting on campus now?

Promo materials like postcards and social media content will be coming soon! In the meantime, continue to tell students about the conference, including the new dates and the fact that they can join virtually this year. We hope to update the website soon and have videos made to help students imagine what it would be like to attend a virtual conference.


What is my role at the conference?

Staff and partner participation has always been crucial to the success of Vision Conference. All full-time Bridges staff and interns will be expected to fully participate throughout the duration of the conference as usual.  The exception would be families with both spouses on staff and kids at home.  In that case, one spouse would have the option to not participate to care for children.  More information on staff roles will follow in the weeks ahead.
The Vision Directors are looking at a model that would provide the option for students to experience the conference through small, local, in-person gatherings where allowed by Cru and state and local COVID-19 regulations.  Though much participation will be virtual, plan to be in your campus location so that in-person viewing and discussion are an option. 

Staff Report Date will be December 31st.  Please plan to be in your campus location ready to engage that day. 


For exemptions, please email Nancy Wallace (

Who are the main contacts for the conference?

  Lauren Davis ( is the Program Director and is the main contact for Program/Conference Design and Student Experience.

  Andy May ( is the Logistics & Operations Director and is the main contact for Registration, Conference Platform, Scholarships, and more.

 Brianne Schaeffer ( is the Marketing Director and is the main contact for communication and marketing.

Let us know if there are other FAQs that would be helpful to include on here!