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Hotel Information 

Hilton Baltimore 
401 West Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21201 

Room questions should go through 


Ground Transportation to Hotel 

There is no free shuttle to or from the airport. Our recommendation is to use the Light RailLink to travel between the airport and the hotel. The Baltimore/Washington International airport (BWI) is about 15 minutes from the Hilton. You can purchase a Light RailLink ticket at the airport and take it straight to the hotel. One of the stops is directly next to the Hilton. The first LightRail on January 1st arrives at BWI around 10:30 am. 

You can also take rideshares like Uber or private shuttle to the airport.


Vision 2021 NBO Scholarship Plan

The following scholarships are only available to those attending Vision in-person:

  • Scholarships are to be shared with any students coming to the conference including those from other ministries and churches.
  • Please submit all scholarship requests through the forms that are linked in the document.  This helps us gather the information we need and keeps your requests from getting lost in email.


Ground Transportation Scholarship  

Click here for more information

Vision 21 Ground Transportation Scholarship Reservation Form  


Flight Scholarship

Flight Scholarships are for students studying in: Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Click here for more information 

Vision 21 Flight Scholarship Reservation Form 


Promo Codes

 The NBO is offering these Promo Codes for IN- Person Conference 

VISION50” Promo Code 

  • Promo code scholarship for students registering by Oct. 18.
  • Any student can receive it and it can be combined with other scholarships.
  • $50 off registration 

PARTNER50” Promo Code

  • Promo code scholarship for students coming with partner organizations and churches.
  • The intent is to promote students with partner organizations coming to the conference.  We realize that in locations where Bridges partners locally with other organizations that are invited to Vision, there may be overlap.  Our intent is to be open-handed but Bridges staff and student leaders should not promote the use of the promo code among student primarily connected to Bridges.  
  • It can be combined with other scholarships.
  • $50 promo code scholarship

Promo Codes for  Local Movements 

Promo codes are meant to promote registration for a designated amount of time, a designated number of students (ex: “The next 15 students to register get $100 off” or “anyone here who registers before this party is over gets $50 off”) or both. It can also be used if you plan on giving a group of your students the same scholarship amount. If this scholarship is based on need and different amounts for everyone, then the scholarship system is better suited for your needs. Please also note that Promo Codes only work for students who have not yet registered as the promo code field is only available immediately after completing their registration (even if they have not paid yet). 


If you think a promo code is best for what you or your team is wanting to do, then please fill out THIS FORM

**Note Promo Codes can only be created for Bridges Staff and Cru Staff**


Individual Scholarship 

 Students can request a scholarship individually in their registration. On the payment page there is an option for them to request a scholarship from staff. A student puts in the staff name and a request is sent to staff, staff then approve the request and amount. Students then login back in and finish payment. See video for how the process works. Individual Scholarship Process  

If you are not on staff with Cru and Bridges and would like to scholarship a student please email:


Viewing Student Registration 

Any staff member can get access to registration to view student registration. Staff need to go to Then click on “ Event Dashboard” and sign on. Then click on “ Request Access to Existing Event”. Then type in exactly “Vision Conference 2021” and hit submit. Request for access can take up 24 hours to process. After 24 hours go back to and login in and click on “Vision Conference 2021”. 

Click on Video to see the process and helpful tips for searching for students. Event Registration Tool Access 

Need help email:


Didn’t find the information you were looking for? Send us an email and we’ll get back with you shortly.