Marketing & Design

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    Order Promo Cards

    Order 4×6″ conference promo cards to advertise with students in person! 

    Vision Fundraising Video

    Has it been on your heart to contact ministry partners and churches and ask them to give financially to help send students to Vision23? In the spring, Creative1Media released the video, “Vision for the Nations,” which was created for potential donors who have been asked to invest in Vision through scholarships.

    Whether in a large group or individually, or whether the viewer is familiar with Bridges or not, the goal of the video is to cast a vision that helping send students to Vision impacts not just those students, but also whomever those students encounter and share their faith with, at Vision and beyond. Please use it as you meet and challenge donors to give!

    Facebook/Instagram Resources

    Facebook Cover

    Use this cover image to advertise on your movement’s Facebook page.

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    Instagram Posts

    Use this image as a promo post for Instagram, or share by text or Whatsapp, etc.

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    Check back soon for more Instagram resources!

    Marketing Tips

    Local-Level Recruiting Guide

    Check out the Local-Level Recruiting Guide for a sample process for building local momentum for Vision—if you haven’t begun, start today! Prices go up on November 21, so students will want to sign up and pay before then.

    Campus Spring/Summer Action Plan

    Even though Vision23 is months away, NOW is the time to begin preparing! You may be thinking, “How can I get ready for Vision right now?” We are so glad you asked! Our Vision leadership has put together a Vision Marketing resource to help jump start your Vision planning today! You will find suggestions on everything from student recruiting to fundraising to discussing Vision during your end-of-year planning times.


    Slide Templates for Speakers/Tracks

    If you plan to present slides at the conference, you can find Vision23-branded slide templates here.


    Ambiance Guide

    If your role includes any decorating at the conference, you’ll want to check out this helpful document for ambiance teams. Design your area of the conference to tie in with the overall visual style of this year’s Vision Conference.


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    Style Brief

    Please use this Style Brief for reference if making any printed designs for the conference.

    Brand Resources & Contact

    More conference brand assets and guideline documents can be found in the Google Drive ‘Brand’ folder.

    For Vision23 design questions, contact:

    Adam Smith
    Vision23 Creative Director