Join us in Denver, Colorado, for Vision 2018!

December 28th, 2018 – January 1st, 2019 

Vision is a 5-day conference for International and American students to experience Personal Growth, Global Community, and Spiritual Conversations. There is truly something for every international student at Vision. Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the conference!



Personal Growth

Hear from engaging speakers and make a defining memory

Main Speaker

Andre Yee is the Founder & CEO of Triblio – an award winning marketing technology company in Washington DC area.   He is an experienced technology executive with a track record of growing successful software companies and was formerly Group Vice President at Oracle.  Andre is an inventor of three software patents and a noted author of several technology related articles and books including Mastering Java.

Andre is also the founder of Gospel Translations, a ministry dedicated to translating and spreading free gospel content globally.  He is also on the board of Desiring God, where he has written about a Christian perspective on business and work.

Andre studied as an international student from Malaysia at George Mason University, where he graduated in 1988.

Andre joined us for Vision 2017 and we are very honored to have him return this year! 

Opening Night Speaker 

Indian-born Doug Shaw, once an international student himself, is the President/CEO of International Students, Inc. in Colorado Springs, Colorado and has served in that role since 2001.

At a time of extreme challenges and changing paradigms in Missions, Doug is a recognized international leader who is firmly focused on driving forward the strategic goals of International Students, Inc. as it pertains to reaching out to future world leaders and equipping those leaders to become disciple-makers who achieve Kingdom purposes in their home countries.

After receiving his initial education in Calcutta, Dr. Shaw came to the United States and earned both an MA and Ph.D. degrees.

Worship Band 

Mosaic is a worship collective formed with members from Indianapolis who travel all over the world to lead people in worship of God. Mosaic believes that God paints a beautiful picture with all peoples and cultures, and wants to shine the light, love and hope of Christ wherever they go.  

Global Community

Meet and make new friends from over 50 nations through our social events

This special event will give you the chance to meet and have fun with other students from around the world. Show off your karaoke skills, play group games, or sit down with a new friend for coffee. There will be something for everyone at Community Night.


Celebrate the New Year with people from over 60 different countries the Vision Conference way! You’ll experience an international Talent Show leading up to midnight, followed by a dance party highlighting music from around the world.


Experience two afternoons of touring our location in Colorado. One afternoon will be spent visiting the beautiful Garden of the Gods Nature Center (pictured to the right) and the second afternoon will be spent enjoying downtown Denver. This is a unique  part of the country you don’t want to miss! 

Spiritual Conversations

Explore and learn about God, the Bible, and life's big questions in an open environment

Much of the conference will be spent in “Tracks”: smaller groups that will help you connect more with other students from your cultural background. This is a great place to have spiritual conversations and think more deeply about questions of life and faith. These tracks will meet once or twice daily for fun, learning, and community. In the midst of a big conference, they are a great way to interact with others one-on-one. Check our Tracks page to learn more specifics about each track! 

My favorite part about the conference is that diversity is appreciated and valued at a level I had never experienced before. As an international student, I used to think cultural differences were barriers. But at Vision they are treasured and are being protected and advocated. 

Iris Wang, student attendee

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