Alongside all-conference events, a large part of the Vision Conference experience is within Tracks. Tracks help you grow, build community, and learn more about God in an environment designed specifically for your cultural background.

Your Track will meet each day to participate in small discussion groups so that you can share and grow together on your spiritual journey. You will meet with other students and scholars who share common stories, common culture, and in many cases, a common language.

Chinese Track

In the Chinese Track you will join with Chinese students and scholars who share common stories, share the same culture, and speak the same language. With them you will learn and experience more about yourself, others and God. Each day you will engage in small group discussion groups with peers and mentors to share and grow together. We hope to create many fun, special and lasting memories! 

“I feel like I was home in the Chinese Track. I am so grateful that people I met during the conference treat me like family. They really helped and inspired me.”

South Asian Track

We believe that the best conversations take place at the family table. Join our family from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka for 5 days as we dive into new friendships, dance the night away, and discover what it means to encounter God through reading stories of Jesus from the Bible. The laughter will remind you that you’re among friends, but it’s the steaming cup of chai and the mouthful of biryani that will bring you right back home. Trust us, this is a week you don’t want to miss!

“It was filled with lots of fun but also with a sense of purpose sharing ideas about God. Such a memorable event for me!”

Multi-Nations Track

The Multi-Nations track is made up of students & scholars from the mosaic of nations beyond the other conference tracks (e.g. from countries in South & Central America, from all over Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Oceania, etc.). The participants of the Multi Nation have shared that it is a track of diversity, inclusion & fun!!

We highlight how as people made in God’s image we share many things in common, demonstrate God’s creativity, and all need his redemptive work to heal our brokenness. We are all together on a journey to know the God who has dissolved our divisions through the love & sacrifice of Jesus. Every great & meaningful journey is enjoyed most with other people!

“I learned so much about how God works in many nations and languages. I have learned to tell my story and talk to more people.”

Ambassadors Track

Are you a Christian student who is engaged in international student ministry?  Do you want to be better equipped to reach international students on your campus? The Ambassador track provides training and resources from top ministry experts in Bridges. You will have fun with other students from across the US and around the world as you learn new skills and tools for evangelism and discipleship. Come grow closer to Jesus and his mission through the Ambassador track!

“It was really inspiring to meet so many Bridges staff at Vision Conference. The things I learned in the Ambassadors track helped me both be equipped to minister and develop a larger vision to reach out to my fellow international students during my time in America.”


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