Choose your own adventure! Seminars will meet for an hour-long workshop on two days of the conference. Come connect meaningfully with people from your part of the world or your shared experiences!

No need to register now; you’ll be able to select and join directly from the conference platform.

Come dance, discuss, and celebrate African culture! Ashley is Ugandan by blood, American by birth and will be leading the African students who attend. Stephanie is Alaskan by blood, Zimbabwean through marriage and will be training those who want to learn more about African culture. ‘You don’t have to be at a place to know what happened.’ – Shona Proverb

Hope and help for the Christian student engaged in international student ministry. Are you a Christian student who is engaged in international student ministry, whether getting started or running out of steam? Come and gain hope and help as we dialogue together with experienced Bridges leaders!


Join Chinese students to laugh, learn and share with one another – without the hot pot! You will feel part of a family, which is especially important while overseas during COVID-19. We will address topics related to life, family and faith. All seminars will be in Mandarin Chinese.

Come share in a cultural experience from North Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia. Enjoy conversation around our virtual table, as Nasser al’Qahtani opens up our discussion on “The importance of God’s written revelation and why Christians believe that the Bible is the reliable Word of God?” and “What did Jesus claim about Himself? Jesus is one of the most respected teachers who has ever lived, yet He claimed to be ‘Messiah.’ What does that mean, and why is it important?”

Japanese friends of Bridges ようこそ! Join us for this 日本語での seminar—hosted by Bridges staff that lived in Japan and know that Japan rocks! You’ll connect with other Japanese international students like yourself from all over the US, and even meet staff with Bridges’ “sister” club in Tokyo, Osaka, and other cities! 是非, 参加して下さい!
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안녕하세요~ 미국의 한국유학생 여러분~ 한국어로 한국의 Bridges 간사들과 기쁜 만남 가져요~  첫 날은 미국 Bridges를 졸업하고 한국으로 돌아온 선배님들도 초대해서 함께 대화하는 시간을 가집니다.  둘째 날은 유학생이 기독교 역사에서 또 한국교회사에서 얼마나 중요했는지에 대한 시간을 가집니다.

On the first day, seniors who graduated from Bridges in the United States and returned to Korea will share and open up a warm conversation. On the second day, we will have time to see how important international students are in the history of Christianity and in Korean church history.

Multi Nations is where you can meet other students from all over the world to discuss questions of significance by looking at art and making observations together. Day 1 will focus on the question “In Light of Suffering, Is God Good?” Day 2 will center on “In Light of Evil, is God Just?” You don’t need any previous experience in art, just a willingness to share what you observe as we look at paintings. Please join us!

Come join the South Asian community for a lot of laughs and some heart-felt encouragement, and later on a deeper dive on healthy relationships from the perspective of a diverse panel of South Asian professionals. 
Day 1 – “Comedy with Barry Brewer”
Day 2 – “Healthy South Asian Relationships in Challenging Times”

What is a Third Culture Kid? A TCK is someone who was raised in a culture other than their parents’ culture. TCKs typically develop a sense of relationship to multiple cultures without having full ownership of any. Are you a Third Culture Kid? Then join us as we have discussions about identity and transition. Come meet other TCKs and let’s appreciate our beautiful and complex lives together!

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