Multi-Nations Track

The Multi-Nations track is made up of students & scholars from the mosaic of nations beyond the other conference tracks (e.g. from countries in South & Central America, from all over Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Oceania, etc.). The participants of the Multi Nation have shared that it is a track of diversity, inclusion & fun!!
We highlight how as people made in God’s image we share many things in common, demonstrate God’s creativity, and all need his redemptive work to heal our brokenness. We are all together on a journey to know the God who has dissolved our divisions through the love & sacrifice of Jesus. Every great & meaningful journey is enjoyed most with other people!

“I learned so much about how God works in many nations and languages. I have learned to tell my story and talk to more people.”
“You get to learn more about being a Christian and it is FUN!”
“I would definitely recommend Multi Nations. It is an amazing experience that can help them know more about God and how to live as a Christian.”