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You come from the most populous country on the planet with over 6,000 years of history, but you don’t know who you are. You grew up being taught there is no god, but you’ve had experiences that tell you different. You respect your elders, but you have never heard your father say, “I love you.” You want to be successful so that you can provide for your parents, but you also want to be happy. You have questions, but you don’t know who has the answers.

Where do you belong? What is your identity and purpose? Who or what defines you? What makes you unique? Find the answers to these questions at the Chinese Track of the Vision Conference.

But what exactly is the Chinese Track you might ask… The Chinese Track is a safe space we have created for you to explore more about Jesus and who you are, while in your own culture, right here in Austin, Texas. It will be mostly in Mandarin, so that you feel more comfortable to fully engage. We will hear from Chinese speakers that understand the challenges of living in both America and China. They will share the struggles they have faced in their lives as well as their journey of knowing God. It will also be a place to build friendships that last for a lifetime! We will laugh together and create fun memories that will never be forgotten!

The Chinese Track is made up of a community of students and scholars from China (and Americans that love China). It is an awesome opportunity for you to be with others that have similar stories to you, that understand your unique place in life, and want to know you. Each day we will participate in small discussion groups with friends and mentors so that we are to able to share and grow together!

Through the track you will learn:

  • How to to grow in communication.
  • How to take next steps with God. (even if you don’t know Him)
  • How to better relate to others, like your families and in dating relationships.
  • How you can prepare for your return to China.
  • You will even learn about yourself!

Through the track you will experience:

  • Some of the things you miss about China.
  • Fun games and activities.
  • A new purpose.
  • Uniquely belonging as a chinese student/scholar.

No matter what you think of God or where you are in your beliefs, we want to meet you right where you are!


你的归属在哪里?你的身份和存在的目的是什么?定义你的人是谁?标准又是什么?什么让你独一无二?去chinese track of the vision conference找到这些问题的答案吧!

但是你可能想问 the Chinese Track到底是什么? The Chinese Track 是我们在Austin, Texas创造的一个安全空间和氛围让你可以更多地置身自己的文化中发现耶稣和认识你自己是谁。在那里,几乎都用中文,所以你可以全身心投入。我们会听到很多中国人的分享,他们都曾经在中国和美国生活过,能够理解生活在美国和中国的种种挑战。他们也会分享在他们认识上帝的人生旅途中曾今所面对的各种挣扎和困难。当然,在那里我们建立永恒友情!我们一起欢笑,创造属于我们大家永远难忘的回忆!

The Chinese Track 是由来自中国的学生团体和学士组成,其中还有一群爱中国的美国人。这是一次特别棒的机会可以认识很多人,他们更理解你的处境,与你有着同样故事经历,想要认识你。每一天我们都将会和朋友还有导师一起分成小组讨论,一起分享和成长。


  • 怎么更好地沟通
  • 怎么样和神迈出下一步(尽管你不认识他)
  • 怎么更好地与他人相处?比如家人和恋人
  • 怎么预备自己回到中国?
  • 当然通过这次活动你会更加认识你自己!
  • 这期间你还会看到你想念的一些中国东西
  • 好玩的游戏和活动
  • 全新的目的
  • 作为中国学生独一无二的归属感


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