Ambassadors Track

In Ambassadors Track, our hope is to encourage Christian student leaders in their faith and equip them for cross cultural ministry on their campuses. Our students are leaders representing many countries around the world.
We will discuss the challenges and opportunities of leading as a student and of crossing cultures with the life changing message of the Gospel. Through focused training times, deep small group discussions, conference missional assignments, and engaging games, we prepare our leaders to be true ambassadors for Jesus.  Topics will include world view training, how to become transcultural, spiritual growth, and training in using tools for ministry on your campus. Are you ready to step into the great vision that God has for using your life for His glory? Join us.

“It was really inspiring to meet so many Bridges staff at Vision Conference. The things I learned in the Ambassadors track helped me both be equipped to minister and develop a larger vision to reach out to my fellow international students during my time in America.” 


“I enjoyed connecting with other leaders and learning specifics on how to reach out to different cultures.”


“I really enjoyed getting to hear other campus’s experiences. It was really encouraging and the discussion times were very beneficial.”


“I most benefited from meeting with Bridges staff and receiving encouragement and ideas. This conference was a great encouragement to me.”