Chinese Track


什么才是真正的被了解和认识?我们每一个人都希望别人能注意我们,理解我们,懂我们。我们都渴慕完全的理解与接纳。我们也希望这样去理解和接纳别人。 那就让我们在今年的中国组一起来探讨这个话题!




What does it truly mean to be KNOWN? We all want people to notice us, to really understand us. We all want to be KNOWN for who we truly are and still loved. We all want to know others in the same way. We will explore these ideas and more together at the Chinese Track of the Vision Conference.

 The Chinese Track is a safe space where international students and scholars from of Chinese descent can explore more about themselves, and about Jesus, all in a familiar cultural context. The Track will be mostly in Mandarin, so participants will feel more comfortable to engage fully. We will hear from Chinese speakers that understand the challenges of living in both America and China. They will share the struggles they have faced in their lives as well as their journey of knowing God. It will also be a place to build friendships that last for a lifetime! We will laugh together and create fun, lasting memories!

The Chinese Track is made up of a community of students and scholars from China (and Americans that love China). It is an awesome opportunity for students to be with others that have similar stories, that understand their unique place in life, and want to know them. Each day we will participate in small discussion groups with friends and mentors so that we are to able to share and grow together!

 “It opened my mind and changed the way I look into the world.”

“I feel like home during the track. I am so grateful that people I met during the conference treat me like family and helped and inspired me.”

“During this conference, I start to explore the purpose of my life.”

“I encountered God through this conference.”

“God reminded me again through this conference, my life is a mission for Him.”

Multi-Nations Track

The Multi-Nations track is made up of students & scholars from the mosaic of nations beyond the other conference tracks (e.g. from countries in South & Central America, from all over Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Oceania, etc.).  The participants of the Multi Nation have shared that it is a track of inclusion, diversity & fun!
We highlight how as people made in God’s image we share many things in common, demonstrate God’s creativity, and all need his redemptive work to heal our brokenness.  We belong to one God who has dissolved our divisions through the love & sacrifice of Jesus so that we may also belong to each other.

“I learned so much about how God works in many nations and languages. I have learned to tell my story and talk to more people.”

“You get to learn more about being a Christian and it is FUN!”

 “I would definitely recommend Multi Nations. It is an amazing experience that can help them know more about God and how to live as a Christian.”

Ambassadors Track

In Ambassadors Track, our hope is to encourage Christian student leaders in their faith and equip them for cross cultural ministry on their campuses. Our students are leaders representing many countries around the world. 
We will discuss the challenges and opportunities of leading as a student and of crossing cultures with the life changing message of the Gospel. Through focused training times, deep small group discussions, conference missional assignments, and engaging games, we prepare our leaders to be true ambassadors for Jesus.  Topics will include world view training, how to become transcultural, spiritual growth, and training in using tools for ministry on your campus. Are you ready to step into the great vision that God has for using your life for His glory? Join us.

“It was really inspiring to meet so many Bridges staff at Vision Conference. The things I learned in the Ambassadors track helped me both be equipped to minister and develop a larger vision to reach out to my fellow international students during my time in America.” 

“I enjoyed connecting with other leaders and learning specifics on how to reach out to different cultures.”

“I really enjoyed getting to hear other campus’s experiences. It was really encouraging and the discussion times were very beneficial.”

“I most benefited from meeting with Bridges staff and receiving encouragement and ideas. This conference was a great encouragement to me.”

South Asian Track

Morning and evening sessions in the South Asia Track provide a place to feel at home and encounter Jesus through speakers, stories in the bible, and discussion with others from South Asia. This track will be a place to have A LOT of fun, meet new friends, and grow in your spiritual journey. You also don’t want to miss A CATERED INDIAN MEAL each evening!


“Awesome experience . . . loved it”


“It was filled with lots of fun but also with a sense of purpose sharing ideas about God. Such a memorable event for me!”