Chinese Track/中国组

无论你目前处在怎样的境遇,我们每个人都在自己的旅程中。在这旅程中的每一天我们都会去探索和寻找自己人生的意义与目的。然而,在这途中,我们也会有许多的问题,例如,“我怎么知道我在走向哪里?”, “谁能领我去那里?” 又或者 “如果我到不了我的目的地,那又怎么办?”  那就让我们在今年的中国组一起来探讨这个话题!中国组致力于为中国留学生及学者们创造安全的氛围来探讨这些我们旅程中的重要问题。




  • 在中文组我感觉就好像回到了家。我很感恩我在中文组遇到的朋友把我当成自己的家人。他们不仅帮助我成长也启发了我。
  • 在中文组,我的想法和看世界的角度都改变了。
  • 我开始认识到基督信仰并不只是给西方人的也是给我的。
  • 在中国组,和许多同龄的中国基督徒在一起给了我勇气去继续在校园里为神做工。

No matter our current location, we are all on a journey. Every day we take steps to find meaning and purpose in life. Yet, we may have questions along the way, such as, “How do I know where I am going?”, “Who will lead me to there?” and “What if I don’t reach my destination?The Chinese Track seeks to provide safe space where international students and scholars of Chinese descent can explore these important issues in their journey.  

In the Chinese Track you will join with Chinese students and scholars (and Americans who love Chinese people) who understand your unique place in the journey. You will meet others who share common stories, share the same culture, and speak the same language. As you journey with them you will learn and experience more about yourself, others, and God.

At the Track we will hear from Chinese speakers who understand the challenges of living in both America and China. They will share the struggles in their personal journey, as well as their journey of knowing God. Each day we will participate in small discussion groups with friends and mentors so we can share and grow together. We hope to create many fun, special and lasting memories!


“It opened my mind and changed the way I look into the world.”
“I feel like home during the track. I am so grateful that people I met during the conference treat me like family and helped and inspired me.”
“During this conference, I start to explore the purpose of my life.”
“I encountered God through this conference.”
“God reminded me again through this conference, my life is a mission for Him.”